My plans 1

There is a popular saying that goes the best way to predict your future is to create it. Most of us apply this saying  to our financial lives, relationship lives and all other aspects, leaving out a crucial aspect of our well being,  our health.

To have an healthy life in our middle and older age is actually to create it. We can  predict up to 80% of what will happen in our older age health wise when we plan carefully ahead.

Lets pause, inhale…….. and think deeply, reflect on our current behaviors and life style habits and also try to visualize the future outcomes. Are those outcomes  presentable or  filled with gloom, pot bellies and plenty of medications? its time to  get up andstart  making healthy designs that will give us healthy outcomes that not only satisfies me, you but also gives us peace of mind.

We either plan to succeed or we plan to fail. Yes  many of us by doing nothing actually plan to fail.

Lets be go creative for some few minutes, imagine a plain drawing board and you have been giving colors to paint a beautiful drawing. What comes to  the mind to paint out is something beautiful, lovely to the eyes and desirable. We all can wish and want to paint a lovely piece of work, but a lot of things must been done before we can get a beautiful final result. The unwavering determination, unflinching focus, the carefully and purposefully well defined strokes all make up the lovely final piece.

This situation also applies to our health life, what and what plans, conditions, habits, choices are we putting in place to be healthy at all stages of lives.

Think deeply  THE CHOICE IS OURS.


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