Hi every one today is world tuberculosis day. Its a day every one is reminded that a disease called TB exist and as the theme of this year TB day is “UNITE TO END TB” we shall be looking at the various roles we can individually play to end TB. Am not going to be saying much about the history of TB, its signs and symptoms as all these are available on WHO publication online.

Lets start with how TB affects us as individuals.The most common occurrence of mycobacterium tuberculosis is in its inactive phase and many people are carriers of this inactive form which can be very much transmittable.

Yes very much transmittable. Am at risk, you also are at risk and our children, family and loved ones are also at risk.

We must unite to fight and end TB. It is very much possible and attainable

Firstly we must all get vaccinated with the BCG vaccine against tuberculosis and the beautiful thing about this vaccine is that is free yes very free.Our government has made it possible for us to get vaccinated at apparently no cost from our end. We have no excuse to get vaccinated, visit one  of the primary health centers nearby to get vaccinated especially every one in developing countries.

Get informed about TB. Be a part of the local TB control program in the community so that timely information, guidelines and control strategies will be passed directly to you. knowledge is power. The more you know concerning a situation  the easier it is to win over the situation. Lets make sure that our knowledge base about TB is regularly updated.

Health care providers must always assume anyone is a suspect unless proven otherwise. We should always put adequate precautionary measures in place whenever we are attending to  patients.

Lets always adhere to medications prescriptions. One of the major challenges in the fight against TB is the rise in multi drug resistant tuberculosis, due to a number of factors.Lets not always do things that are convenient for us, we should always think about the repercussions of our actions on others, especially our family and friends. Adhere to your medications.

Maintain  good ventilation in the homes always, avoid overcrowding in the house and also crowded places with  poor ventilation. This will reduce the chances of contacting air borne infections.

Finally  eat healthy, keep fit maintain a balanced overall well being,we should never dare compromise our immunity with harmful substances. The body’s natural immunity is and always will be the best method in fighting tuberculosis.

Cheers to the healthy Life. Peace




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