A stitch in time

I recently talked to a patient who came to the pharmacy to collect her medications and she was bemoaning her fate. How come i am diabetic? nobody in my family has diabetics, ehn so i will be on drugs for the rest of my life?. Her countenance was that of disbelief, shock and pain. Well after series of counseling and also visits to the diabetic care educator she grudgingly accepted her condition and planned to manage it properly.

The initial reaction of this lady is a common scenario when many people are diagnosed with chronic conditions. They ask how come?  but its not in my family now? or worst case scenario they blame it on witches and wizard? (religious beliefs). We forget that that little things we had taken for granted over a long period had built up and manifested as chronic illness. A stitch immediately done on our sugar intake can cut down the occurrence of diabetics mellitus with about 70%. What about consistent exercise, and regular routine check up. All these are the stitches we have to keep doing continuously and consistently.

In fact we should be more proactive about our health  than been just been passive about it. Passivity makes us prone to any situation or occurrence. These situations usually throws us off balance emotionally, psychologically and even financially. On the other hand when we are more proactive about our health life, things do not come as a shock to us. We are already conscious of our health status, We do frequent checkups, we are already informed about markers that could predispose us to any chronic illness. Acting in a proactive manner concerning our health makes us alert, careful, observant and it gives us the power to make healthy choices.

I hate to be unaware about things or taken off balance about situations especially concerning my health and i guess so do you.

Over the next couple of weeks we would be looking at these individual stitches we can keep making, in our goal to becoming  a more healthier individual.

I reiterate the choice is ours.




2 thoughts on “A stitch in time

    1. Hi worluh. It is very easy to incorporate a healthy habit into our normal day to day routine. First know the importance and benefit of what you are doing. Keep reminding yourself of how much value you are going to add to your life. This alone will give you the necessarily drive and motivation to keep incorporating healthy habits into your day to day rountine.


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