Bring the vegetables game ON

The 22nd of April was named world earth day. It was so named to preserve the cocoon which we all are in. This cocoon known as earth continues to shields us from lot of harmful elements and substances which can range from the sun rays, metoroids, UFOS(insert smileys) and many others.

Any way, one beautiful gift that the earth has continually given to us from the earliest of time is vegetation. The gift of vegetation is one of the most important and treasured gift to us mankind. Imagine the trees, the flowers shrubs that make our environment beautiful not only to the eyes but also to the soul. The mere sight of a beautifully arranged bouquet can bring life to one’s spirits and bring lovely smiles to a tired soul. That and many more are the gifts that earth offers to us.

Heath and vegetation are two similar words so inter twined together that in most cases the successes in the health world is hinged on many discoveries from vegetation. Ranging from drugs that the pharmaceutical industry produces to the food we eat every day they all are derived majorly from vegetation.

Today’s post will be dwelling much on why as individuals we don’t take vegetables as much as necessary. Every body am sure at one time or the other have heard or read about the importance of vegetables. The real issue here is that with the amount of information known about vegetables do we really take them as required by our body. Alot of us can list off head the numerous benefits of taking vegetables, but when asked about the last time they ate vegetables you get a blank stare from them.

I have tried to come up with some reasons why we don’t eat enough vegetables and also offer some possible solutions. So lets go .

  1. fruits are not appealingly to the taste buds.The day i heard this statement i was like huh are you serious? my friend was like yes now you cant compare the taste of a well prepared pot of soup with something like concumber and watermelon. I just shook my head my with pity and explained to him that the most tasty dishes are fruits and vegetables ranging from the succulent juice found in mangoes to the rich taste of sour sop and plenty others. Please let remove the notion from our minds that fruits are not rich in taste, infact they are the ideal and right flavors that our taste buds need at all times.
  2. They are expensive and not always available.This one always makes me laugh, like the phone you are carrying are much does it cost? What about the cost of treating a disease condition. Those are the real expensive not the money use in buying fruits. As concerning availability if we can wait go from one end of the town to the other for a wedding party or a celebration. Going such lengths to get vegetables should not be a big bother.
  3. Vegetable and fruits gets bad quickly and easily. Sadly this is one drawback that is very true concerning fruits, they rot easily. We can always find a way around this drawback by storing them in appropriate storage conditions. We can go the extra lengths by buying fruits that are unripe so they can ripen at home, we can store in the fridges, but with our epileptic light supply this can be  a challenge though. The best method for storing green leafy vegetables should be in a dry environment free from moist, water and even dew. Leafy vegetables can stay for up to a week in a dry environment. Juicing of very ripe fruits is also a very good way of avoiding wastage, juice the fruits and freeze. Saves you much.

This is just the beginning of our plenty gist’s about vegetables. As time goes on we will continue talking about vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables




Imagine Me

During one of my daily squat exercises  i kind of….. gave up,

Not  literary giving up, like giving up the ghost or falling dead. I wanted to give up on exercises, on keeping fit or even eating healthy. I wanted out, i wanted to go and sleep, i wanted to go and eat voraciously, i wanted to give into my cravings. But within a few minutes of me wanting to give up, something spectacular happened. The  thought of giving up stopped immediately when i imagined myself becoming obese and placed on medications.

In fact the idea disappeared vamoose within a Milli seconds. What struck me then and there was the power of my imaginative thoughts. I only just imagined the possible consequences of my actions and that alone was capable of making me correct my steps.

This just shows how much strength we can derive from what our imagination shows us.

So before you take that second helping of creamy chocolate bars, imagine what would happen to your waist lines, how possibly wide it would become. I tell you  with lightening speed the chocolate bars would be dropped. Our imaginative power can give us the powerful motivation or push that we require to live a healthy life. It can help us drop and stay away from harmful habits, it can help us seek help when necessary, it can help us go the extra mile in achieving our health goals. With healthy imaginations, healthy lifestyle goals can be formed developed, sustained and adhered to.

The challenge here is are we ready to use our imaginations to our health benefits. Before embanking on any action, especially those that can play a huge role in your health life  always try and  imagine the health consequences. Are the aftermath effect beneficial to my health? would the consequence affect my income due to its health costs? are my hospital visits going to become more frequent because of the corresponding effects?. All these are what you should carefully, truthfully answer and imagine.This should be the basis of whether you carry out the actions or not.

I want to be healthy and fit every day. Do you also want to be healthy and fit? if yes,put on your thinking cap.What are my normal every day habits? are they beneficial to me? would their long term effects affect me positively or adversely. All these are questions we should give answers to truthfully. If  from the answers we deduce that the aftermath effects are not favorable, then as a necessity we must  mentally and physically start the delete processes. Delete those bad habits from our mindset and start the process of deleting them gradually from our everyday habits. Lets kick start the day with an imagination of the the type of health life we want to achieve, note the habits you need to cultivate to have that amaaazing life and body. I tell you the result will be that we will become so fired up and motivated to start up the day with exercises, keeping a balanced eating habits and zealous about being health. I always say the choice is ours.

I can be healthy, you can be healthy we all will be healthy.