Mr somebody was a young handsome lad, who grew up in normal household with normal every day struggles ranging from lack of money to health issues and the constant lack of power episodes. Mr somebody grew from childhood to teenage years and whenever he was asked what is your greatest ambition?  with a cheeky grin he would always reply, i would go to school, get a good job, work hard, get plenty money and live happily ever said mr somebody.

Hi Mr somebody i am the consultant endocrinologist your case file has been transferred to me because you have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 2.  Severe dehydration, frequent urination and unexplained weight loss finally drove Mr somebody to go for a medical check up for the first in years. How manage?  why,  am just 38 why should i be burdened with this illness? were the questions and emotions that barrage him. Questions he had no clue to, what did i do wrong? am at the peak of my life,  i have plans that i still need to carry on with, where the numerous thoughts of him. It was a saddened Mr somebody that got home to his family that day.

Five years later, Mr somebody i am sorry to tell you that the cause of your frequent headaches and insomnia are all due to your persistent elevated blood pressure, am afraid you  are now hypertensive and you are going to be placed on medications that will help lower your blood pressure the doctor told Mr somebody.

Years later, a frustrated  Mr somebody stared at the numerous pills in his hands. From just a single pill to treat the diabetes mellitus it had steadily increased to include anti hypertensive drugs, presently he takes nothing less than seven medications and in cases where he had to be treated for arthritic pains and common cold the medication usually increases up to 10 pills. This was not what Mr somebody envisioned for his older age.

Am sure this is a story every one can relate with. Every where we turn to we  are surrounded with elderly loved ones who are placed on lifelong medications. They grumble and complain bitterly about how much medications they  take just to keep going. This common scenario can actually be changed, we don’t have to  make the same mistakes our parents made concerning their health lives. We should start taking active control of our health. We all have dreams about what we want to achieve in our finances, careers, our spiritual work with God and plenty other things. We tend to always forget a very crucial aspect, our health. We forget that with a good health life that’s when we are truly wealthy, we forget that its the  healthy individual that can truly enjoy the reward of his or her hard work later in life. We do  treat our health life with a lackadaisical approach and that is TOTALLY WRONG AND UNWISE.

Lets make deliberate decisions now that will produce good results in our health life now.Its very possible to enjoy older age in good health without restrictions and also achievable. The real issue is are we ready to make such changes? lets answer truthfully.