Simple ways the body communicates with us

Do you know that at every point in our lives the body always sends information to us? . The body hums,vibrates and sends information to us continuously, at every moment in time. After eating it tells us something, after been drenched in the rain the body relates to you about how it feels,even  after a long and restful sleep the body makes us aware about how it feels. The body speaks to us continuously every time of the day, it calls to us after each and every action we perform.

Effective communication is usually a two way system, someone talks and the other party listens and respond accordingly.As human we find it difficult to heed  listen or even respond to our body  methods of communication, we see them as trivial or part of our normal day stress. We overlook them or better still we say, these shall soon pass away.

I guess the question on your mind would be how does the body communicate? does it send impulses to our brain which  registers on the mind as  sub lingual messages? or does the communication happens in the dream?.  Naaaaa far from this scenario. Our body communicates  through various feelings we feel during  the day. This feelings ranges from headache, tiredness , bloatedness, nausea, pains  aches, feverish conditions and plenty others.

All these are sicknesses now…… someone maybe saying, but no they are not. They all are symptoms caused by an underlining action that wasn’t favorable or agreeable with the body system. Hence the body tries to communicate with us through the production of such symptoms. Sadly we treat the symptoms and most often we forget to deal with the real cause.

For example when we come down with body pains and aches, we easily treat the pain by taking analgesics and pain medications. The pains go away after some days, merrily we carry on with our normal activities thinking that all is alright. Far from it, the truth is that the pains we feel is the body way of telling us that we are engaging in activities that are not favorable or harmful to the body. That back ache may be as a result of bad sitting posture or a strenuous exercise. The body is trying to tell to us with that pain that it doesn’t want us to continue with that particular activity and expects us to stop it. What about the case of indigestion or bloated feeling, it just means that the particular food eaten just before the indigestion sets in doesn’t go well with the body system or the food was eaten in a hurried manner. This same situation applies to all complaints we have about the body, those complaints are often triggered by something wrong we either have done or are still doing. Cold and feverish conditions caused by malaria would be treated with antimalarial drugs, but we avoid dealing with the main issue that is the causative agent of malaria plasmodium falciparium(mosquito). So many others scenarios occur when we engage in or part of activities that the body is not in support of. Most often often after series of complaints from the body, the body breaks down when its unable to cope with such conditions of service. These are what eventually leads to  full blow out disease conditions  such as hypertension, diabetes, stomach ulcer, hemorrhoids and so many others.

A major key to living healthy is paying keen attention to our body state at all times. As you may notice i used the word keen, that means the body watch should not be done haphazardly or with a carefree attitude. Our body check should be a continuous careful, regular and judicious activity which should be done at all times. Especially as we start approaching middle age.  Paying keen attention to the body involves a vital ability of being able to recall information. Recalling of past activities indulge in over a period of time, say  a minimum of 24hours to 1 week is very needful and important in listening to our body needs.

The trick is this if your body presents with an unwanted symptom, take a chill pill and recall all previous activities done within few hours and then analyse them carefully. Try to figure out what might have triggered the unpleasant feeling and then make the appropriate lifestyle modification. If during the recall process the actual cause of the unpleasantness cannot be pin pointed out, then its time to talk the doctor or a health practitioner who would be in a better position to help you out.

Lets make a decision to be actively conscious of our body all day  long, therein lies the ability to make healthy choices.



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