Welcome to my healthydesigns blog. Basically the issues that are going to be discussed, analyzed and broken down here are the choices we make that directly affects our health.

Growing gracefully old is a number one priority of every individual. Sadly this is a goal that is not achieved by all especially we in Nigeria(third world problems). Most of these chronic illness that presents in our later age are actually preventable and can also be managed properly.

Living healthy to a large extent depends on the choices we make everyday. Its a choice between eating healthy or not, exercising or not,drinking alcohol, smoking, keeping up with regular check ups or not and a lot of other life style behaviors. We are going to be discussing, gisting,debunking myths, identifying practicable tips and also sorting out the challenges that are hindrances to us having a healthy life style.

A healthy life is possible at all stages in life and yes we are going to achieve being healthy all the way.